Pathfinder Dynamic I

More Investigations

Group shares their various backgrounds with each other and it is discovered that:

Lucifer Holgren is actually, Lucifer Holgren Thrune, of the ruling family of Cheliax and on the run for a crime he committed against his family.

Zanaida Lotessianari is the daughter of an Elven Duke and a debutant out to see the world.

Daisy Goldslag is the daughter of Dwarven artisans who committed a crime and were banished from Five Kings Mountain and died as “slags” leaving the shame of their crime on Daisy.

Party receives a variety of trinkets and gifts from townspeople infatuated with the group members.

Party gathers and prepares to investigate Chopper’s Isle.

The Day After Goblins

Lucifer, Zan, Daisy move over to the Rusty Dragon to take advantage of Ameiko Kaijitsu’s generous offer of free lodging for a week.

At lunchtime a town guardsman relays a request by Sheriff Belor Hemlock to meet him at the cathedral.

Sheriff wishes the group to help him investigate tomb of former high priest, which was discovered to be ajar following goblin raid.

Tomb has been breached and body of former high priest removed. Also two animated human skeletons left behind, which attack Lucifer as he enters the tomb. In addition party finds an old robe with a lingering dweomer of necromancy upon it.

Father Zantus recounted story of Jervis Stoot Chopper and the late unpleasantness of 5 years ago.

Group decides to Investigate tracks leading from tomb area to outside the city walls and into the forest beyond.

Group decides to form an adventuring company, but there is some disagreement about the division of treasure.

Zan meets with Cydak Drokkus at the Sandpoint theater, and is offered leading role in upcoming musical play.


Lucifer Holgren, Zanaida Lotessianari, Daisy Goldslag and Theopolis Pepperfizz meet during the Swallowtail festival in Sandpoint and join the festivities.

At sunset a large force of goblins make a coordinated attack on the town. The group jumps into the fray and dispatch twelve of the creatures. In the process, they rescue a nobleman by the name of Aldern Foxglove.

Afterward the party meets Ameiko Kaijitsu who offers them a week of lodging at The Rusty Dragon Inn as a reward for their heroic deeds.


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