House Rules

Pathfinder House Rules v1.0

Natural 20 – Regardless whether a critical hit is confirmed. On a roll of a natural 20, the weapon or attack (including spells that require a to-hit roll) does maximum damage. Firearms get maximum damage on their first die and one reroll to explode the damage dice. (Ex: A gunslinger with a revolver rolls a 20, but fails to get a critical hit. They would do 8 points of damage and then roll another 1d8 to see if the initial die would have exploded.)

Armor as DR – As listed in Ultimate Combat pg. 191. Includes, Critical Hits and Defense.

Called Shots – As listed in Ultimate Combat pg. 193 with the following changes: When using the Critical Hit deck, the card effect applies when a called shot has not been declared prior to a critical hit. Also the Debilitating Blow effect occurs when the attack does enough damage to inflict the wounded condition on the target.

Wounds and Vigor – As listed in Ultimate Combat pg. 206, with the following changes. Undead and Constructs base their Vigor on their former Hit Point totals, and wounds are now 2x WIS.

Firearms – For purposes of costs, these are treated as though the world was using the Guns Everywhere option from Ultimate Combat.

Firearms and DR – With the Armor as DR rules in place, firearms work as follows within the first range increment:

• Regular Firearm vs Regular Armor → Firearm ignores DR
• Regular Firearm vs Magic Armor → Firearm applied against full DR
• Magic Firearm vs Magic Armor → Firearm ignores DR
• Magic Firearm vs Magic Armor + Natural Armor → Firearm ignores DR (Acts as Adamantine)

House Rules

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